ok, before i begin this post, dax shepard if you’re reading this, can you please vacate my dreams? it’s getting annoying. it’s not like we’re romantically involved, in either an R.E.M. capacity or even some deep-recessed, twisted, Parenthood-viewing fantasy, because we all know i’m definitely team adam braverman {have you met hunkiest?} if given the choice of fellas. this weeklong game of nocturnal hijinks and run-ins with authority, leaving me with missing teeth and abandoned on cirrus clouds in the sky must stop.

thank you.

so tonight officially begins the holiday soirée season!

i’m still struggling with embodying the jolly in my jitterbug.

 i find that a fancy dress always helps perk my mood though. it’s hard to be cranky in crinoline. 

tomorrow night i’ll be in utah for hunkiest’s work party and i’m thinking the boss’ wife should wear something frocky comme ça? he disagrees.

clearly, he doesn’t understand utah fashion. 

resigned to wearing the same navy dress from a couple of years ago {which i love,} lately my pick me ups come party time have been courtesy of my bathroom drawer. clarins beauty flash balm {a staple already with most makeup artists} is the perfect primer, moisturizer, highlighter, prozac for your face, all in one. i think you can even forgo foundation with just this stuff. it gives your skin the prettiest glow without the goop. 

also for lips that last all night, but stay super glossy the urban decay super-saturated high gloss lip pencil is a must all girls should have in their {mary jo matsumoto} clutches. i swear by these babies. literally the color stays on all night, like a thick deep, pigmented pencil, but it’s the consistency of a gloss. apocalypse: a deep plum shade is perfect for this season, AND for the upcoming end of the world. 

last weekend i learned my lesson with the imbibing. i don’t do well with booze. my body completely rejects it like patterned jeans. i’ve smartened up. i bring these tazo organic teas with me. i stay warm and still get the delicious taste of a holiday, christmas celebration…..without the icky stomach, head, and emotional illing the next day. 

even when i am good with my diet and lay off the alcohol, i still find myself depleted from the traveling and late nights. i take chinese herbs to help balance my system {this is NOT medical advice, and you should NOT take anything because some dinky girl on a blog—ME—takes them too, i just noticed my system felt much better, after my acupuncturist suggested i take them—–seek medical advice first please.}

and, of course, monday i’ll be stocking up on my favorite juices at the ritual juicebox to fully reset my body and mind.

so tell me m’loves, have the holiday festivities begun for you? do you have any tricks to keep you sane and on track during this wacky, but lovely season?

wishing you a merry weekend.

see you on the other side of sunday m’loves.