wilted wednesday

May 23, 2012

so yesterday i ever so subtlety hinted my request for someone to throw me a pajama party.

apparently my invitation was lost in the mail?



 i’ll throw my own parties.

 my social anxiety forbids me from parties anyhow.

the thing is i’m still needing THAT day off…..

my yawns are more frequent than the blinking of my eyes.

and no amount of rainbow-colored, sugary pick me ups, green juices, and troughs of coffee can buzz me into the juiced up bunny i need to be.

tell me m’loves, what are your sources of energy when you feel ultra depleted?

may you have a jumpin’, fired up, springboard under your feet day!

  • Your work schedule is insane, to be "on" all the time has to be exhausting…when I was really fried from travel and work I would check myself into a small beach hotel in Santa Barbara and sleep (and fall asleep on the sand, altho I know you would not do that, at least in the sun!) It always was amazing but I hope you're not that tired!

    xo mary jo

    • goodniteirene

      it helps when i have my beautiful mary jo coming to class. your image of santa barbara has my thirsty for sand and a novel historical….aching for time off…

  • Smarty Cassie

    My list of things that put a little pep in my step. In no particular order. Some are not good for you, so judgy-wudgy….
    1. An ice cold Diet Coke
    2. A spontaneous shopping trip to Los Angeles
    3. A really loud Greenday or No Doubt song in the car with car dancing
    4. Taking a "not for exercise" dance class
    5. A sweaty spin sesh with top notch, loud music
    6. Sitting in the sun and reading a magazine
    True story.

    • goodniteirene

      miss cassie!?!?
      soda? sun?
      i\’m making sure you never get sleepy….

  • ummm…nobody threw you a pj party b/c slumber parties are only for you and H.H…DUH!!!

    • goodniteirene

      it was a daytime type of party silly!

  • I take a nap. And read. And maybe take another nap.

    When I got home from my retreat on Thursday, I was SO wiped. It's the first time in a long time I just turned on a move, laid on the couch, and watched. I forget I need to slow down sometimes.

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