here are some upcoming trailers of films catching my fancy. all of them are heavily greased, hollywood monsters, nary a single, independent in the bunch. but i couldn’t find anything remotely, small-budget interesting {i’m still recovering from some bad, yemenese salmon}. i’ve been on a losing streak with movies, and television has become so stinking good. it takes a lot to get me into those high-priced, dirty seats.

maybe one of these will break the curse.

based on true events, ben affleck acts and directs {i liked what he did with the town} the film, argo, a story of how the CIA manufactured fake events to rescue citizens from tehran.

sean penn. josh brolin. ryan gosling. do you need much more? ladies & gentlemen: the gangster squad.


and it’s always nice to have a laugh……maybe i won’t be seeing this in the theaters, but i have a feeling hunkiest will be quoting it for years.

i don’t know what it was about this one….maybe it’s just my gigantic crush on jennifer garner, maybe it was the major kelly clarkson soundtrack manipulation, but this screamed yes to me.

but!! {and you know who you are!, don’t get any ideas}’s not the ticking of my biological stop watch, i think it has more to do with my houseplants not thriving like i wish they would.

oscar time. paul thomas anderson’s {there will be blood} heavy drama, the master, is loosely based on the rise of scientology, and how its founder l. ron hubbard {played by phillip seymour hoffman} came to create his own “religion”.

so what’s your vote? real-life events? dreamboat gansters in the 30’s? laughfest with ferrell & galafanakis? disney-lite? or going heavy controversial with a brilliant filmmaker?

see you at the movies m’loves.