shimmy-shimmy right, shimmy-shimmy left..

wednesday head-bop to you m’loves.

one week into july and i hope you’re jazz-hands-in-the-air enjoying it.

here are a few new tunes i’m currently double-fisting into my ears:

canadian artist and katy perry crush, allie x, has a new single, “bitch,” which is blowing up my walkman and spontaneously breaking out my solid gold dancer within.

my spinners will surely be finding their inner bitch come this weekend when i play it in class; we already know mine was never in question.

here’s a free download of the song from alli x’s soundcloud account.

happy head-flinging to all! 

i pretty much love everything from angus & julia stone; the newest single from this sibling-duo is no exception. it’s been all but four years since their last collaboration; an effort that almost didn’t happen.

not speaking, the brother and sister were well on their way to a permanent break-up if not for the music producer, rick rubin. this is an interesting little write up on how the band “got back together.

even the video breaks my heart a little…like the song, it’s a peppy & upbeat facade, but the underlying tone is so sad.

switching gears, back to “getting your sweat on”…gucci mane’s new album is pretty dope.

it’s the rappers fourth installment to his trap series.

the lyrics are nasty, x-rated, and terribly offensive; do NOT listen to the above link if you’re easily chafed by mysogynistic, un-pc “libretto.”

but if you like hip-hop and trap…it’s a great album.

if anyone can find me the clean verson of “top in the trash,” i’ll make you homemade strawberry shortcake.

and then there’s this….i mean a cat power/coldplay sandwich? is there anything more blissful for the ears? it’s like taking a cashmere q-tip and massaging my audio senses…

wish i was here” is the new single from zach braff’s new movie of the same title.

from the trailer alone, i can tell he’ll deliver another killer soundtrack just like he did with “garden state.”

the movie looks a little too hallmark for my taste, but i give him a A+ on music.

and there it is: my wednesday playlist…

happy listening m’loves.