ok, so the great white out is officially over….

yes, a fickle girl i can be.

 i have now moved on to all things lavender. i am having a deep lust for this milky, purple hue.

maybe it’s because my backyard is currently one wild, fragrant, french haven of lavender bush; it’s inspiring me to continue the eye-catching experience out into my world of work and play.

but it looks like i’m not the only one having this chromatic crush….this delicate, pretty, i’m-having-tea-with-the-duchess shade seems to be bedecking all avenues of fashion fancy. 

 this blouse, currently on sale, screams summer lovely; it looks like a dollop of lavender cream; perfect for scones i’ll be having during my royal tea date. 

i’ve had my eye on these shades for quite some time. i just haven’t been able to take the plunge on the retro style {not sure sponge-katie squarepants could pull it off}. but i’m thinking maybe in an amethyst i wouldn’t look as dorky…..or perhaps it would just move my application up to the front of the line for the nerds-r-us club.


i’ve seen this bowling bag in person, and the color is just as pretty as it looks here. 

although i’d never have the guts to wear these pants….{my hamstrings eschew practically anything but shades of black, and my conscience eschews ALL shades of grey of late} i double dig this pattern and would love to pair them with giant platforms and big, blousy, white shirt.

ok. i typically don’t wear a watch. but i will make an exception for this lovely toymaker, missoni scarf twirly.

so i’m realizing this post is turning into “happy wednesday”:welcome to items i will not wear, that i want to wear, and that happen to be a lightly, colored purple hue.

let me shift gears. 

i always have room for a dress, rarely does this girl turn down something that swishes and sways. this is one of my favorite cuts for a dress: sleeveless, v-neck. so flattering and comfortable, straight out of one of jay gatsby’s garden parties.

there. a non-negotiable. although, i’d prefer something below the knee….and that slit is a little high…



and i don’t care how it tastes, i’d walk around with this just because it’s pretty.

so what are your thoughts? are you into the lavender look?

wednesday happiest to you m’loves.