so typically i’m one to eschew the white pigment when it comes to fashion and me sporting such iridescence. although i’m quite fond of the non-shade, my skin-tone tis not.

typically what looks like tints of ivory, ecru, frost, snow, vanilla milkshake {thank you benjamin moore for your color pallette help} on others, looks like fluorescent lightbulb on me…

but to the mocking-birds with how my melasma, crossword-puzzled looking face appears, as i show up in my summer best; i’m obsessed with wearing white this season, and i WILL WEAR IT………with a mask.

here’s a look at some of the similar styles i’ve been sporting or wish to sport:

ever since i’ve found my perfect, white jean...{did i REALLY just write those words?} the white shirt on white denim combo makes me tony the tiger roar.

my frilly, white j.crew shirt from years ago, is getting a ton of party time with a with white khaki, calypso pants, and scarves all around {hair, wrist, neck, purse-just not at the same time mind you}.

how pretty is this look from the roland mouret 2013 cruise collection? a big, fat white bow at the colllar?

holler if ya hear me!!!

i’ve pretty much been living in a calypso tunic like this for the last two weeks. i throw it on as soon as i get home from work, and i’m instantly more at ease, more poolside serene, i even have priscilla fetch me a bloody mary.

there’s nothing like a ballet skirt, that just grazes below the knee to ladylike up any situation. throw it in white, and you’re an instant princess.

i think long sleeves, long pants and messy hair is more seductive than any short skirt or red lipstick.

this is my favorite southern california going out look {the nights can be chilly sometimes}.

but don’t get me wrong, there’s always room for that pretty flowing dress….{just NOT at a wedding ladies!!!!}

so tell me m’loves, do you like summer whites too?

will you i see you sporting some of my same uniform?

thursday happy to you m’loves.