July 18, 2012

wednesday happy to you. how is the week so far?

i have been wrapping myself tight in the bathrobe of the summer read; finally eschewing the heavy, post-war, college-lit, i attempted to tackle earlier this year, which had me reading the same paragraph for two weeks, i.e. i have been on the road since march.

i forgot how much i missed the engrossment of that summer novel, not exactly AP english material, but satisfying, like a steak dinner.

gone girl had me scurrying back to book every free second i had. and i can see i’m not alone. it’s shooting up the bestseller list like a kernel popped into popcorn. who’s read this beast yet?

i have moved on to jess walter’s beautiful ruins, whose book jacket alone could have sold me. but the story far surpasses its cover’s enticing italian seascape. beautiful indeed.

so m’loves, what are your summer reads?

wednesday happy to you.

  • Just wrote these both down. I will just have to er, force myself to sit by the pool and read. Mandatory. When I was a kid I would lie on the grass all day long and read my way through the library from Somerset Maughan to the Greek Legends. My kids watch Three and a Half Men instead. Oh dear…

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