friday happy to you m’loves.

do you have plans for our final july weekend?

here’s my vision board for this midsummer weekend happy:

i am currently manifesting summer’s freshest crops. a torrid love affair is going down between me and the candy-sweet, farmers market tomatoes. scandalous!

i see an evening with loved ones where laughter and grace rides shotgun, and gossip & negativity stays home with the babysitter.

i definitely see miss sparkle making an appearance this weekend….either in a dance step, the sass of saturday night footwear, or maybe just the way i flirt ridiculously with hh over sunday morning croissants. my weekend will get its deserved shimmer.

not quite an esmeralda psychic hotline look into the future prediction, but i can bet good money there will be several demands made for walks.

i’ll double down on that bet and see it with several more impromptu, public displays of affection.

ok….sending my vision out into the web-iverse…..hopefully it will happen.

what are you manifesting for the weekend?

see you on the other side of sunday.