farewell 2013

December 31, 2013


as my 2013 comes to a hushful, out-like-a-lamb, close, like most of you, i have some goals, resolutions if you want to call them, that i wish to pursue.

faraway lands, alpha brainwaves accessible on speed dial, and a new venture or two with a change in my current title, working woman.

but i must say i’m most committed to leaving several poor habits, brain-bashing addictions, and dispositions best outgrown in the rear-view mirror.


a people, animal, and sometimes even an inanimate object-pleaser to a fault; often at the expense of sleep, nutrition, and time with my family, i realize i am of no benefit to those i care about when my candle is down to the wick.

the guilt and panic i feel over disappointing others shuts me down like the stomach flu.

 kind of like twerking and the selfie, i hope to ban this behavior in the upcoming year.


2014 is going to be one big party-bowl of change around here; i am committed to leaving my inner bully behind.

this includes shutting down the voice who often judges her day or mood by the number on the scale, or by how her pants fit.


last saturday night hunkiest and i were forehead-t0-forehead chowing down on pizza and fritto misto at our local date night haunt.

we looked around to see what other patrons were enjoying, and instead of seeing mozzarella induced smiles, or chianti stained teeth, we counted 14 patrons on their cell phones.

couples and even some parents completely missing moments and conversations that will never happen again.

i was so embarrassed to know i have engaged in this disengaging behavior before.

2013 you can have my cellphone…

reality tv.

i 1000% admit, i am a fool for reality tv….shahs of sunset, courtney loves dallas, and the wrecked train known as keeping up with the kardashians….you all have sucked me in at one time or another….

although terribly watchable, i hesitate to say these shows are “entertaining.”

i always come away feeling a little scummy, grimy, and in need of a shower when i partake in reality tv.

the producers goal is to highlight outrageous behavior; terrible, mean, racist, sexist, evil, greedy behavior. speaking from personal experience, the more i watch this stuff, the more numb and immune i become to this type of, at one-time in history, unacceptable conduct.

how can this not affect society? haven’t you noticed a trend in the last decade of people publicly acting more beastly.

pollyanna i’m not, but i’m going to try to leave my itch-to-shock unscratched in the upcoming year.

so long bravotv.

sadand finally, just like the iphone, sadness has sucked up too much of my precious time.

i wouldn’t say i’m more melancholy than most; in fact my happy meter tips the scales on most days.

but sad things do happen. i’m just sick of giving them more weight and attention than all the toe-curling wonderful there is in my life.

so, tell me m’loves, are you looking to leave anything behind in 2013 too?

  • Great post! So many comments I want to leave! The last few words of the second line are like a cliffhanger. Change….working woman! I can’t wait to see what this means. Wait…no more Bravo?? Cell phones…..totally guilty but not 100% of the time. I was in a fitness certification class over the weekend and the well known presenter told us that she lets people check their cells during class. She TELLS them to ! I mean, if you can’t give yourself a 45 minute break while you sweat…….. I’m not making any resolutions in 2014. I’m setting an intention…flexible. Besides the body being tight, I’m too tight. I need to be more easy going, less judgmental, accept change with ease, etc. see ya next year!

  • KO- this could be one of my all time fave GNI posts!!

    Guilty as charged on most counts, I am afraid to say. So simple really to make the change- live in the PRESENT. It’s difficult only if we make it so. I <3 you!! Happy New Year!!!

    • love you my raquel!! you are a constant inspiration for me, and will especially be relied upon for guidance this year….

  • Those are all such wonderful changes to make. Very impressed. I haven’t even come up with a list yet. Perhaps I’ll borrow a few of yours…

    Happy New Year to you!! Catch you on the flip side!!

    Xo, K

  • love your goals, katie. a lot. a giant round of applause to the end of texting at dinner and bad behavior rubbernecking (my guilty, gross pleasure is the get off my internets site. blegh.)

    my goals: become a yoga goddess, make a new friend, and get good at my new and scary job. 🙂

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