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August 10, 2012

 for most of the summer i’ve been in a naked state of mind. with regard to my nail polish that is. i can’t get enough of maryjo matsumoto’s perfect shade of easy, breezy, summertime chic. it’s not too white, not too pink….just naked. which coming from me is a giant compliment. i’m not an “oh i just love to walk around the house á la adam and eve” kind of girl. i practically don a tweed, three-piece suit just to take a shower; my mom said i came out of the birth canal wearing a cardigan and capris. 

i’ve written about maryjo’s 4FREE nail polishes before. 4FREE means this polish contains no formaldehyde, DBP/dibutyl phthalate, toulene, or camphor. her products are never tested on animals, AND these polishes last longer in application than any other brand i have ever used! 

well i’m super excited to announce that maryjo has done it again. this week she has released a beautiful, new trio: laguna libertine!

how gorgeous are these colors? a brilliant red in scandalous lover, the perfect, effervescent shimmer to transcend us from summer into fall with bon motand ooooh {!}, a cheeky, shocking, pop of blue in the wilde blue yonder named after the equally brazen, mr. oscar wilde. 

so beautiful. i can’t possibly choose where to put what colors where? wilde blue yonder on my toes? bon mot on my fingers? or scandalous lovers on my fingers bon mot on the feet? 

i’m going to let you decide. you all have such good taste. so let me hear from you. send in the votes and i will comply.

wishing you a weekend full of soft hearts and bright eyes.

see you on the other side of sunday m’loves. 

  • Thank you Katie for this sweet post! I know what you mean though, I can't decide whether to put the Wilde on my fingers or toes–part of me wants to keep Bon Mots on the fingers and Scandalous on the toes…haha decisions decisions. Hope you have a lovely weekend! Can't wait to see your new manicured nails!
    xoxo Mary Jo

  • Oh be daring & do the red on your fingers but paint the ring fingers the shimmer color;) it would look fab on you…

    • goodniteirene

      me daring!? are you kidding me?
      i won\’t even go barefoot in my own shower.
      love you.

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