thursday luciousness to you m’loves.

so this summer one item i have certainly been wearing the worth out of, is my rachel pally caftan i bought in may

any frock that helps me release my inner valley of the doll, sans the tiny, pink capsules of course, feel free to sign me up. 

i’m a sucker for that vintage, pseudo-nightgown/evening gown-wear, is she too loaded even to tell, drapey, loungey, let’s have gin and tonics in the pool look. i have several of these dresses. at vintage stores i beeline straight to the nightgown section. i love, love, love me a nightgown. nothing makes me feel girlier than a hemline grazing the floor. i think it was all those early years of trying to mimic olivia newton john’s “hopelessly devoted” nightgown clad ballad in our backyard. 

you can bet i am all over these society social hostess gowns. they are glamorous and floaty; the perfect hostess gowns. 

in seven different shades to choose i don’t know how i’ll decide which one to pick.

which one do you like the best?  

it really is the ideal house dress. you can entertain in it. you can lounge in it. or like me, just throw it on after work or on a sunday morning, start your household chores, ready the paper, enjoy your coffee al fresco, but always with just that little, tiny, extra bit of glamour. 

have a wonderful thursday m’loves….as always i am hopelessly devoted to you…..