you know as kid you get an image of what a princess should look like? and act like? not the snobby, stuffy kind. but the fairytale one whom as a young girl you dream of being and growing into? a lass so beautiful you can’t stop staring, and then once she sinks her heart’s hooks into you {literally a matter of seconds} you can’t get your hands off of her. 

this princess walked into my pilates classroom 6 years ago, and i’ve been smitten ever since. 

niloofar fakhimi is the epitome of everything i aspire to be: loving, witty, loyal, silly, selfless, a survivor, and so devoted to the ones she cares about. 

my beautiful friend, i love you around the earth and back. 

let’s get to know today’s girl crush.

name 5 bottom of the jar products?

it is so hard to just name 5!! but these would be my absolute favorite: anything by caudalie, the restorative eye cream by this fabulous line called tata harper, julique eye makeup remover. ava hair oil treatment {good enough to eat!}, prtty peaushun tinted body lotion {i owe my not so real golden tan only to this all natural parben free lotion!}

who is your style icon and why?

my style icons are my mom & my sister simply because they are beautiful, stylish, effortless & represent fabulousness in every way possible.

what is your fall fashion must have item?
i’m super excited this fall about lots of leather, peplum, booties and my new celine bag!! move over hermes… see you next season!


finish the sentence….i can never leave the house without:

i can never leave the house without putting on my dermalogica sunscreen.

how do you define luxury?

the definition of luxury differs from one person to the next but to me it simply means enjoying the blessings in your life but also sharing and giving back to the less fortunate.. i truly believe in sharing is caring!!
 what are your favorite things about living in southern california?
one of my favorite things about living in california is the feeling of being on a vacation pretty much year round! why travel to far destinations just to go on the beach when you can check into pelican resort for the weekend and feel rejuvenated by the time sunday rolls in?
what are your least favorite things about southern california?
one of my pet peeves about this place called “OC” is how superficial people can be. i mean some of us can get obsessed with the physical beauty and lose touch with reality while not enjoying the simple things in life.
with your husband you own the successful planet beauty stores, what’s your favorite thing about owning this type of business?
for one, how lucky am i that i get to try all the great products? it truly is like being in a candy store!
 planet beauty has the most amazing loyal customers and for the past 20 years we have been honored to help many OC ladies look their best on a daily occasion.
you are a breast cancer survivor. what do you do differently having had this experience?
well 3 years ago my world was turned upside down after being diagnosed with cancer. but right then and there i decided i was going to fight this as hard as i can, and being surrounded with the best family and friends {you included} i started a very difficult journey. so many surgeries and treatments later i have realized how fragile we all are and how our time here is so precious, but limited so we need to make the best out of every single moment. this is when i made many changes in my daily routines, including my diet, exercise and my perspective on life.
you haven’t aged since the day i met you, and you are more beautiful and younger each year that goes by, what are your secrets niloofar? give them up please!!
my secrets??? hmmmm, for one i am blessed with good genes. i am a true believer of staying out of the sun, as hard as it can be, and using all the great PB products to protect my hair and skin. a shot of wheat grass in the mornings and eating vegetables and fruits and less animal products helps me keep my skin beautiful and glowing.
if you could spend a year away on sabbatical anywhere in the world, where would it be, and how would you spend it?
having gone through what i did i now believe we have got to take advantage of every chance we get to travel to near and far places. i have turkey and greece on my list. i would just go and let the locals be my tour guide and don’t be on any set schedule. i couldn’t possibly enjoy any of this without “my one and only” right by my side as he is my life and my lucky charm, and i cant forget about my 2 ‘beams of light’ as well.
thank you miss niloofar for lighting up my life every day.