2012 is going to be one fine holiday film season.

i was jumping for joy last week for the great gatsby premier…..

but that’s cucumber water compared to the strawberry milkshake coming out on the same day: tom hopper, the director of the king’s speech, will release his version of les miserables on december 25th as well.

thank you santa.

one of my first memories at the theater, les miserables had me smitten from the first chords of the bass and drums.

it was under the dark lights, and with the swelling orchestra felt in my lungs and throat, that the acting bug first embed its pinchers under my skin and never let go.

no doubt this film version will delight, the cast is loaded:

russel crowe is at the helm, portraying the vile and cruel, but heavily tortured soul, javert.

sweet, annie hathaway will exercise her pipes as the poor, dying mother fantine.

amanda seyfried, a trained soprano, will most surely beguile us as the the darling, innocent cosette, with the dashing eddie redmayne as marius.

samantha banks plays my prized role: the down on her luck eponine. who, in my opinion gets the best scenes and songs.

and the hugh-jack-of all trades-man will lead the cast as the dauntless, devoted, redemptive jean valjean.

les miserables: the french revolution, the reformation of a thief into an honest man, the sacrifice of a mother for her child, romantic love, love from afar-not returned, and social justice.

i love this story.

take a look at the trailer:

see you at the movies m’loves.