my heart is with all of those bracing for miss sandy and her full moon, stormy antics.

be safe my darlings. 

you can watch the hurricane, live, from the 51st floor of the new york times building, in manhattan, on this web cam.

for those of you trying to wrap your mind around sandy’s 900 mile storm front, this dark & stormy recipe from the morris kitchen is the perfect antidote to combat anxieties over power outages and frustrations of cabin fever. nothing like dark rum and fresh lime to quell one’s nerves, and keep that game of gin rummy rousing. 

stay cozy with these gorgeous 100% recycled cotton blankets from the loop collection. i have my eye on one of these for christmas. i can’t decide which is my favorite though. i should probably just ask priscilla which one she’s least likely to eat, and proceed from there. 

nothing like a storm to get you in the mood to curl up cat-like with a good book. i like books to coincide with the seasons. if it’s fall i want to read something that’s typically darker or more historical; victorian even. the night circus is all of that and with cheesecake for dessert. if you haven’t read it {i feel like i’m the last one to this circus} you should grab a copy. magic, seduction, ghosts, love, late nineteenth century europe and new york—book me a first class ticket please. 

here is the author’s playlist to accomodate your reading. i must say, the playlist is delicious! some of the songs i own, but the ones i didn’t, i purchased immediately. they’re the perfect, autumnal, moody hymns for this time of year. 

but truly, stay safe m’loves. hatches battened down, loved ones held tight. stay inside.