friday ants-moonwalking-in-my-pants-happy to you m’loves. 

talk to me goose, how was the week so far?

naysayers can nay all they want, but social media {twitter, instagram, the book of face,} while i concur, it’s definitely not breaking bread with a beloved, has given me some of the biggest belly laughs and made me feel the love with friends and family both near and far this week. 

i get a big, giant F-minus in the department of multi-taking.

tie my shoes; i’m your girl. but tie my shoes AND name that tune? forget about it. might as well ask me to dissect a frog with my hands tied behind my back.

same thing with talking on the phone and driving. even with my fancy-pants hands-free system, i still think it’s too many things for this popcorn brain to maneuver. 

i made the commitment to eliminating car phone time to very important, 60 seconds or less, calls only. i must admit it makes for such a nicer commute. my music, my news radio, sometimes just the sound of the open windows can give me utter peace. i look forward to this each day. but it’s a trade off. i do feel a disconnect from the phone chatting. 

i realized a couple of months ago that it’s becoming more and more challenging to juggle all the fragile, cherished, beautiful pieces of crystal i have up in the air. at least not in a satisfying way for me. not fragile in the sense that they are breakable and frail, but in the precious sense. my family, my friends, my career, my home, the beasts, etc. life is a pilaf of heartbreak and gold medal wins; you must savor each bite no matter how bitter or sweet tasting your current mouthful may be. 

with the help of my friend dawn, aka vitamin d, something i need in a large daily dose, i curtailed my teaching schedule a speck to give both my body and brain a bit of a break. 

this past thursday was the first thursday in, i can’t even remember, at least a decade, that i didn’t “have” to be up before 5am {at least when i wasn’t on vacation.} of course i was up at 3:48am, but it was by choice, and it felt decadent; like when i tackle the dessert section first at a breakfast buffet. 

this weekend i’m going to live with that same type of abandon: chocolate chip cookies for breakfast, four inch heels to the grocery store, faux fur to pilates. i’m going to scream like a teenage girl at a justin bieber concert during my 8am saturday spin class, and maybe even cry. that saturday morning class can get emotional i tell you. i’m going to say “i love you” to a lot of people who need to hear it, and i’m going to hold on hard with my hugs. you’ve all been warned!

let’s spread the happy my darlings! how about a little dance party to get this weekend started? turn those speakers up! 

see you on the other side of sunday m’loves.