i’ve been running lately.

there. it’s out in printed word. i guess i finally have to admit: i’m becoming a runner.

{melodramatic-think drew barrymore-sigh}

this is meaningful only to those who know me well. there are two things i detest: beets and running. and i’m not quiet on either of these opinions, nor respectful of those who differ from mine.

i used to think a lit bonfire in my pants {now don’t get naughty, i’m talking a literal fire you scamps} would be the only thing to get these feet skipping faster than a 1.5 m.p.h. speed on a treadmonster. zero incline of course.

but something happened when i was in mexico this summer, in an effort to lose the rest of the world and its problems, i found my gait.

a stride which steadies my breath, narrows my focus, and reigns in my anxiety.

i can’t run for very long. pain sets into my usual spots.

but those minutes are precious. preferably without distraction, just me, my headphones and my monster.

the music varies according to my mood and what i need, but without fail lissie is always somewhere on my playlist.

wednesday happy to you m’loves.