as the days get darker, and the weather turns colder, and sadly people seem to be getting a bit frostier; at the end of the day all we really want is a little bit of comfort: that softness, our tonic of florence nightingale, to soothe our daily forehead furrows, tight shoulders, and bumper to bumper traffic on the way home from work.  

for me it’s the tiny snippets of sanction throughout the week that pop my corn light and airy. i don’t need a day at the spa {although, if you threw a gift card at me, it’s not like i’d turn it down :-)} in order to de-stress and re-frame perspective {i’d like to publicly thank my psychiatrist for this–have i mentioned she’s on speed dial?}

the bear hug of a cozy sweater may not take the place of an afternoon by the fire, but i love the feeling of wrapping and re-wrapping an over-sized big blanket’y piece all around me as i traipse through a chilly day.

butter and eggs thee i adore. there’s something about pancakes, even just looking at a photo of them, that brings a smile to my face and soothing serotonin to my brain.


 and of course then there’s human connection. lately the lone wolf in me is becoming less and less afraid of her fellow pack. every day i am comforted by the kinship with my flock; inspired with our commonalities, energized at the beauty of our differences. 

what gives you comfort m’loves?

wishing you a weekend filled with peace and comfort.

see you on the other side of sunday.