only three more weeks of winter white. i want to store up the cold like nickels in a ceramic pig. giddy is me seeing my breath in the pitch black morning air.

although, maybe i am ready to whisk away this winter coat?

i am suffering a knotty stomach still, from ill behavior of nights long passed.

gossip girl. me. dreadful. not even a clever one either.

i had been invited to a small group of fabulous women with fabulous hair. feeling wee, pedestrian, and unsure of myself i uncomfortably asked about an item of possible town tabloid as my way of cavorting with these prettier, wittier, and more exceptional girls from private schools. luckily they had more class than miserable me. shut my gross attempt to “fit in” down right away. they don’t play that way. no wonder i wanted to be in their group………

hope you all have a lovely weekend.

in the spirit of keeping things classy, i’m sending you off with victoria.