monday morning sweetness to you m’loves. how was the weekend?

utah was icy and snowy. i’m still defrosting. 

i’m also still trying to understand why foursquare kept checking me in at the church of latter-day saints every time i posted a photo on my instagram. saturday night’s dress was definitely not temple appropriate, nor was saturday night’s crown royal consumption {not my own,} but apparently heavenly father needed to chat with me; he was all up in my instagram/facebook/twitter business. #heiseverywheremychildren

friday i was publicly called out on facebook to write a goodniteirene gift guide. um? kind of thought i already did? shimmer happens and loving on long lost were semi-gift guides…but that’s okay stephanie, you’re a newlywed, i’ll forgive your newlywed brain. 

i’ll see what else i can come up with as far as gifts to give, but in the meantime these are a few items rocking my treehouse:

my favorite find this year is my subscription to garden & gun magazine, a splendid glossy on how to appreciate the richness of food, drink, sporting life and southern hospitality. yes, you read that correctly. said from a wannabe, mostly poser-vegan girl, who loathes hunting, can’t keep her plastic cactus alive, and considers black coffee a gourmet meal. i drool over my issues of garden & gun; imagining my fantasy life in louisiana with my pet pot-bellied pigs, and grits on the stove {not together of course}, where i skulk around my property in jodhpurs with my rifle {plastic again} slung over my shoulder, chewing tobacco, drinking whiskey for breakfast and cursing so rotten it makes the jailbirds cry. at least i have one out of six down. 

on a cleaner note:

i would love to receive one of these oversized, luxurious terry-cloth, cotton beach towels created by any of the following famous artists for the art production fund, a charity to help finance public art projects.

there are many towels available but i picked these four to show you: tracey emin does a beautiful poetic soliloquy over washes of lavenderscottish abstract landscape artist, peter doig‘s reminds me of the retro OP towels i swam with as a kid. the ultra, soft towel of painted seahorses and seashells from karen killimnik, a pop painter whose style has been lauded to resemble a fresh, paint by numbers, thrift shop find-slash-masterpiece, keeps things light and cheery. ed ruscha’s play on words, adds a little tongue-in-cheek to your pool time. 

beach towels are just a fun, unexpected gift. think about it, how nice to have a really soft, oversized, cool looking beach towel to use. you’d think very highly of that person who gave it to you, and every time you used it would be one of those “what a great gift?!!?” moments. 

something you’d never buy for yourself, right?

for your cross-country friends and relatives who you don’t want to send the same candied bundt cakes to, let me recommend quinn popcorn. i am mad for this company. total confession: i was on their website making out with tab after tab like an easy, high school songleader, in the back of a 1984 honda celica, i was on my back, giddy for the all the geeky-food information quinn provides.

all of their {reinvented} microwave popcorn is organic, all natural, gmo free, and made with the finest ingredients. the three available flavors: lemon meyer & sea salt, parmesan & rosemary, and vermont maple & sea salt all sound more delicious than the next. seriously, gives new meaning to “pass the popcorn.”

check out their story below:

rad, huh? you can buy quinn popcorn here.

 so i was 20 pages into “map of love, which was a fine enough novel, but then i read an excerpt from the above “tiny beautiful things: advice on love and life from dear sugar by cheryl strayed. my neck still has whiplash from the speed i used projecting “map of love” back into the bookshelf and ordering “dear sugar” onto my kindle. the once-anonymous advice columnist, cheryl strayed, for the rumpus has compiled the best, the worst, and some never before published columns for us to read, savor, simmer, and reread again. 

here’s the excerpt that sold me:

i’m thinking of getting that scripted on one of our walls….

so these are just a handful of gifts you can buy online. point/click, send to a loved one, friend, co-worker, hostess gift, man, woman, etc. later this week i’ll get more detailed and gender specific, but at the top of my silly, small head here is what i am digging.

love to you darlings.