what up my mid-december gangstas? you keeping things tight and fresh as we play out these last few weeks of twenty twelve?

it’s friday, so i’m sick again.


so according to the mayans, this is our final weekend on earth. i’m glad i’ll be spending it in a nice, cherry flavored nyquil haze, in my most comfortable bathrobe, with at least one more episode of scandal to watch on my dvr.

can we talk about the flavoring of most medicines? cherry? orange? i don’t even like cherries and oranges on their own, let alone when i have a fever and i’m puking up my pancreas.

why have they yet to come out with a coffee/mocha tasting lozenge, or even maybe a grilled cheese flavored cold/cough syrup? eli lily? let’s talk, ‘kay? i have some ideas for you. #redlicoricerobitussin

how do you plan on spending your final weekend m’loves?


tomorrow, barring any of my medical theatrics to a walk-in clinic or dramatic bathroom floor antics involving chills and night sweats where i’m prone to les misérables-like “one day more” shenanigans, a pas de bourées included,when i’m feeling ill-ish, i plan to whoop it up at my darling friend’s baby shower. per protocol, i’ll quarterback the tequila shots and chicken fights in the country club pool with the mother-in-law. her first baby; so sweet, almost as sweet as she. i can’t wait to shower her with well wishes and blessings and beer bongs.


post wet t-shirt contests with the girls at the shower, i’m hightailing it back to the gym: i’m silly excited to be in gravity certification this weekend with my friend, the rock-star fitness guru, rob glick. rob’s bringing the gravity machines to our club, renaissance club sport, and i know it will be the perfect amplifier to my pilates equipment repertoire. such a fun addition to my 2013 routine….if we’re still here.

wishing you a weekend of health, tequila shots, chicken fights and living your days as if they were your last.

see you on the other side of sunday m’loves.

p.s. confession: i have now watched that “one day more” clip 5 times! the beasts now think they are “sans culottoes;” so excited for les mis the movie! eponine was always my die-for, dream role.