thursday happiest to you. how was your july fourth? did rockets fly? did crackers fire?

with two bottles of wine and a potent bloody mary to boot, my mother gave us our own backyard, firework show. 

 it was a tremendous holiday full of laughs, love and gratitude for two wonderful parents and a husband i say thank you for every single, waking hour. 

today i’m sharing a few things i can’t get enough of; items which are burned on my brain.

ok, so much for my spring training. two months ago i discovered jeni’s splendid ice creams, and i had a come to jesus paula deen with my body image issues, and got downward dog deep with accepting my self for the size it was about to become. ice cream from snow milk from cows that eat real grass….jeni’s splendid ice cream is the best i’ve ever tasted.

currently i’m having a love affair with the signature flavor brambleberry crisp, but i’m about to put an order in for the perennial flavor, roasted strawberry buttermilk pint.

all of jeni’s splendid ice creams can be home delivered. they’re not cheap, but the taste is amazing.

kind of an oldie, but this song, There Is a Light by the great lake swimmers, has always been such a lazy summer song to me.

it is on HEAVY repeat in the house right now. 

this dress! i love this dress. purchased on vacation, it’s not something i’d normally even try on, but with much urging from my man and the salesgirl, i threw it on, and they had to rip it off me in order to complete the sale. 


but most of all, i’m diggin’ that i get to be this man’s daughter.

best. life. ever!!!!

tell me my m’loves. what are you currently diggin’?