methinks i put too many suitors on this weekend’s dance card. 

friday afternoon i wasn’t feeling my brightest and most shiny, add a couple of days of champagne, bailey’s and a dance party in the rain…..and this morning i am sick to my stomach, bent over in a right angle with chills, some interesting hallucinations involving a talking nightgown and skywriting prius, and all i want to do is stay in bed, watch different strokes, facts of life, the love boat, i’ll skip fantasy island {that show always scared the fruit loops out of me,} eat a bowl of campbell’s bean with bacon soup {i’m 9 in this fantasy so this is pre my vegan-ish days,} and read “beezus and ramona” again. 

so far i’ve managed just a bubble bath.

what is it about being sick that makes us revert to that little moppet within us? it must have to do with that feeling of comfort and safety one felt at that young age. ah the sanctuary and repose that only blair and tootie can provide.

what are your favorite sick day activities?

wishing you a healthy monday m’loves.