good morning sweet lovers. 

i have a confession.

i have been holding out on you. i haven’t been entirely truthful. 

typically when i love a product, song, person, baked good; i projectile vomit my ecstasy with such vigor, my elan will typically ricochet against the computer screen and back onto my face. 

earlier this week i had my fill of stomach-inducing prone misery, so i had backed off from the gush and rhapsody of my typical, i love this! you should love this too! you should love this AND please like me!?! or at least love this, and don’t hate me behind my back, and go to del taco after the dance, not invite me, and then call me “stuck up” behind my back. 

but the girl is feeling her boots again, and i am here to pom-pom a pep rally for my friend phyllis nelson’s ravishing jewelry line, longlost jewelry, a line located here in san clemente, california carrying new and vintage original jewelry, all handmade in the u.s., using the finest materials purchased from u.s. vendors. 

phyllis’ prices are very affordable, and you can see for yourself how truly beautiful her jewelry is.

if you still are looking for those holiday gifts, look no further. 

these dainty bracelets are my new obsession. i received my first dainty bracelet from my always friend-in-the-know, mary jo matsumoto, a lovely deep, blue sapphire. i’ve worn it to death. this month i obtained a just as dreamy sea green chalcedony {bottom left} to wear alongside my sapphire {the bracelets look so pretty in pairs or stacked in multiples.}

the dainty currently in my crosshairs is that gorgeous, milky moonstone you see in the bottom right photo. in the same photo, but the stone on top, the labradorite, is also neck and neck for my next purchase. which one do you prefer loves?

24 kt gold with the prettiest array of stones to choose from, these are the perfect holiday gifts. they also come in a silver, and an even daintier micro bracelet {bottom right, middle bracelet.} phyllis will even gift beautifully wrap them for you. #win

on the edgier side her love spike pendant is perfect for that more rock-n-roll recipient, as are the silver or gold dipped feather earrings. for the more whimsical give her the wind, sea earth necklace; i’m a big fan of all of these. 

now this baby isn’t in the shop yet, but make sure you follow phyllis on instagram or like her on facebook because this gold-dipped turquoise collar necklace is going to be available soon, and should not be missed!!


thank you phyllis for gifting us with such magical jewelry.