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friday kisses on your heads!
our vacation is winding down, and already i can feel my depression start to creep in; slithering on the low-down, like a poisonous snake who hides in wait.
this has been my most favorite vacation ever.
peaceful has a new color palette and coastline.
besides my obvious adoration of maine, here are a few of my friday favorites:
 in addition to the sound of our front yard seals ding-dong’ing the buoy bells in sweet-sounding nighttime horseplay, our soundtrack this week has been the moody, oceanic din of juliana barwick. described as a cross between sigur ross and a cathedral chorus, ms. barwick’s haunted music has provided the perfect back drop to the end of summer at the sea. you can listen to the whole album for free. but i’m sure, like me, you’ll end up purchasing this and other of ms. barwick’s beautiful music too.
one of maine’s many surprises is her selection of delicious, home-roasted, organic coffees. my favorite has been wicked joes. besides the curl-my-toes strong flavor, these all-organic and fair-traded beans are also certified “bird friendly;” i didn’t know there was such a thing, but i’m happy to have another eco-ordinance to worry about whence purchasing my food. wicked joes is also approved and endorsed by the rainforest alliance.
regardless it’s fantastic coffee and y’all should buy some!
jeans so this is my 6th day of maine-lining the vacation state’s state treasure: homemade ice cream; more on this week-long binge to come.
had it not been for my GAP 1969 destroyed sexy boyfriend jean, hunkiest and i would have spent many hours at the portland mall hunting down bed sheets for me to tie together as a makeshift toga in an effort to accommodate the expanding circumference of both my ice cream loving waistline and thighs.
the “sexy” moniker of the 1969 sexy boyfriend jean was lost somewhere on tuesday as i face-planted into my 4th scoop of creamy blueberry bliss.
nevertheless these jeans are the best! super cute, comfortable and homemade ice cream friendly.
i would though like to acknowledge to annie dean. i’m not the only fan of these jeans.
mrs. dean loves them too.
they are the perfect pant apparently…
especially when you’re 3 weeks postpartum like little, tiny-already, mrs. dean.
as if i couldn’t feel MORE unattractive?
annie, i know you’re queen of propriety and manners so a sincere “fuck off” seems appropriate, yes?
i’ll see your “postpartum” and raise you a pre-pre-pre-pre natal {and not even trying-but you’ll know first mrs. burns} fat ass.
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wishing you a sunny-skied labor day weekend filled with watermelon slices, white jeans {boyfriend style,} fresh sangria, sandy feet, and while you’re at, some homemade ice cream.
see you on the other side of sunday m’loves.
oh yeah….please like me….if you like me….thankyouiloveyoubye!