oodles of nectar sweet to you m’loves!

you know how i love a healthy shower? we’re supposed to get buckets of rain this weekend, and i can’t contain my giddy.

do you have any special plans for the weekend?

i have a long-awaited coffee clutch with my lovely friend mary jo. it’s been so long overdue. i adore my mary jo. she’s razor-sharp brilliant, has über, too-cool for prime time taste, and is kitty-cat pretty & sweet.

please! please! please! please tell me you’ve checked out her new street style blog, On PCH. i’m addicted. scott schuman watch yourself. and just make sure, if you’re out and about in so-cal, best you look your toniest…..mary jo may be snapping your mug. you’ve been warned.

it’s also on good information that my extraordinary friend, cassie, will be meeting us too. full of energy, information and kindness, cassie has her finger on the pulse of all things entrepreneurial, fashionable and upcoming in the fitness world.

she combines her love of fashion and fitness in her fun tumblr: cassie wore it to workout. she also pens a blog,and is active in the smarty people organization, a real life {no textbooks or cheer groups} entrepreneurial group for women in business looking to grow their brands, networks and or bottom line.

aside from being one of the best dressed people i know, i’m still happily haunted by a hermes silk scarf concoction cassie had fashioned last spring-i tried to stay focused on our conversation in the dark, coffee-house, but every time i looked at her i felt i was at a montauk pool party {in a good way}; cassie is very generous with her time and assistance in helping others grow their business. i hope her ears weren’t burning wednesday as a colleague and i were singing cassie’s praises of how she so selflessly and whole-heartedly steps up to the plate for others.

no doubt fashion will be the topic of conversation. i’m just going to sit back and keep my ears and eyes open. remember mary jo is the designer i worked for earlier this year. i have a few of her beautiful bags, and one in particular i carry often and receive frequent compliments. her clothes are truly some of the prettiest and their fit is exquisite.

see you on the other side of sunday m’loves.