why am i writhing, supine, cackling like a baby, double bottle-fisted with his mama’s warm milk?


that’s right kids.

it’s here:

light up those scented, sugar cookie candles and stow away the gardenia-heavy perfume; it’s time to find your fall.


saturday we purchased our pumpkins; we’re the last peeps on the street to take down our christmas tree, might as well be the first ones with pumpkins on the stoop.


this weekend the darker skies arrived a bit earlier; revealing a magnificent, wise, harvest moon.

fall hatches a poise and practicality that lacks come summertime; june through august we gadabout and celebrate the whimsical & oftentimes careless part of our complexions.

now is the time for hunkering down, finishing tolstoy, and dusting off the beach pit grime from our suntanned brain cells.


pretty soon rubber flip-flops will make way for leather boots; skimpy, strappy tanks bypassed for chunky, thick knit sweaters.

fall fashion is undeniable.


autumn is the time to curl up with someone, a beast, or just a book, and burrow into a corner somewhere under a warm, flannel blanket; ignoring chores, emails and to-do lists.


and let’s not forget tailgating.

fill that thermos with cider-hot, and pack a picnic chock full of golden, sweet anjou pears and crispy pippin apples, all at their peak.


are you a fool for fall too?

what are your favorite ingredients in this spicy, cozy season.