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me again. longtime, no write. i know. we were just getting started and i get all taurus on you. it’s just that it was impossible for me to hawk block-print ballgowns and my new, favorite green smoothie recipe when some dickless motherfucker started murdering a helpless country. not that things have abated or are any less vomitous, but i’ve missed you. i’ve missed this space.

Katie Cycling

i’m also back on the mic again, teaching cyle, stomping it out on the podium on tuesday and thursday at my beloved moxi3.

no, i do not mind the drive. being able to teach again is such a gift; there’s something about a studio class that is magical, being with actual people again, and moxi3 is ground zero for the magic.

here are some other things making magic in my life…


i’ve always supplemented with magnesium, but recently i switched to moon juice’s magnesi-om. in addition to magnesium chelate, which aids in neuromuscular contractions, gut health, cardiovascular health, and the acid/alkaline balance in the body, magnesi’om also contains l-theanine, an amino acid that helps ease anxiety and stress. typically i think most claims like these are hocus-pocus, but i DO feel a difference taking magnesi-om. my tolerance for bullshit and the people who supply it has become remarkably high. i attribute my recent lack of needing to be right or heard to this new calm i’m experiencing every evening. it may also have to do with growing the fuck up.

vacation lotion

since moving to santa barbara we have become beach-goers: we own chairs, umbrellas, i even have a beach blanket! when we lived in newport beach {literally could see the water from our front door} hunkiest and i didn’t go to the beach together once.

we now go through bottles of sunscreen like it’s heinz ketchup. for our summer sunscreen needs, i have committed to vacation inc. the marketing alone had me at their “vibe generator.”

reef-friendly, and oxybenzone, octinoxate, + paraben-free, vacation inc. products smell like the daytona hilton pool bar, circa 1984. one application of the chardonnay oil and i’m kathy ireland shooting the barbados swimsuit issue.

i’ve also fallen for their candles. i’m currently writing by candlelight…or rather by pool boy which is so intoxicating it’s inspired a turks and caicos google search and one unnecessary add-to-cart caftan i’ll never end up wearing.

fairy godmother

although the sunscreen keeps the tan at bay, i’m not one to turn down a glow here and there. this body oil gel from sunday riley is my newest find and i’m insisting you all try it. it’s not overly fragranced, but it is just enough scent that i find myself happily putting my wrist up to my nose throughout the day. regardless what the label says, i find zero shimmer from this product. at a certain age, shimmer, glitter, and sparkle are effects i avoid like renaissance fairs. this gives you a radiance rather. another thing i was surprised to find: it’s not oily even though it says it’s an oil. i love a body oil, but this does not feel like your typical body oil. it’s moisturizing FOR SURE, but not slick or heavy. it completely soaks in.

that’s all for this sunday. i’ll be back this week with my favorite summer fragrances, books i’ve read and am reading, and what i do that makes my two-hour-plus drive time so delightful.

anything specific you want to hear let me know.

sunday happy to you m’loves.



vacation lotion
fairy godmother