so christmas came early yesterday…some of you already saw my pre-orders of wally lamb’s newest novel “we are water,” and donna tartt’s “the goldfinch,” arriving on my doorstep.

did you also hear my yelps of joy?

both authors have penned novels in my top ten favorites of all time. i compare lamb’s  “i know this much is true,” to every family saga i read today; they don’t match up.

tartt’s, the secret history, published over 20 years ago {gulp} still stirs up fervor within the hearts of my fellow book lovers.

i’m currently reading and almost finished with a great, moody, dark thriller,”nite film” by marisha pessl; a recommendation from my always in the know friend, mrs. burns, nite film is the perfect book for this time of year as the nights get dark earlier and the chill in the air is more potent.

and then it’s on to one of these tomes…{“we are water” clocks in at a massive 576 pages, and “the goldfinch” totals a whopping 784 pages.}

which one should i start first? who wants to join along and we can discuss?

happy reading m’loves.