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my freak show dogmatism for products, toxin + cruelty free, often triggers the following question:

what deodorant do you trust?

teaching back to back classes, frequently in the close confines of a spin room, one should practice proper hygiene. many of the natural deodorants on the market just plain, suck. they’re as effective as hydrating in said spin class with a vanilla milkshake. in the past i’ve found soapwalla and kai deodorant keep me just as sweet-smelling and dry as any drugstore, beagle-tested, aluminum-embodying brand. unfortunately soapwalla contains baking soda, a common irritant for the underarm, and i feel rather sacrilegious smelling like a maui sunset, in the middle of november, when i’m wearing kai–it smells divine, but is quite pungent.

that’s why i’m happy to have found agent nateur n03 deodorant. made from organic coconut oil, avocado butter, raw organic honey, and essentials oils of lavender + eucalpytus, agent nateur is a food based deodorant that smells beautiful, for both men and women, and naturally kills any offensive underarm odors; even in the sweatiest of cardio sessions you come out smelling like a Canyon Ranch quiet room.

you can buy from directly agent nateur, from spirit beauty lounge {only in the 19oz size, but they give free samples!} or at beauty habit {fun holiday shopping here.}

do you have a favorite natural deodorant?

photo: taylor cole