sweethearts! especially my daffodils who are sitting shiva for the days of the handwritten note on bespoke dempsey & carroll correspondence cards, have i got a find for you. the hi note app is finally available.

utterly unneeded and superfluous, much like my childhood, the hi note app is a cheeky, wink wink, elevated non-emoji way to send a personal message through text or email.

while not designed for text ‘chat’, a hi note message is much more simplified than your typical evite or paperless post where you have to create accounts, remember passwords, and sometimes even pay for designs.

and on a design note, you will, no doubt, find styles to fit all personalities and profiles.

all occasions and sentiments are covered as well. i plan to send the above often.

i can even make carpool pickup ridiculous now!

let me know what you think. happy texting darlings. love, katie