scenes from a weekend

July 9, 2012

monday morning sweetness to you m’loves.

i’ve missed you.

taking some time off last week did a girl good.

hunkiest and i have been mixing the perfect martini of home life and social calendar.

we tend to flourish in the hidden recesses of our habitat, existing hermit-like, welded tightly together with very little exposure to outside light, ozone, or camaraderie.

we often find NASA sifting through our garbage in attempts to analyze our freakish, alien nature.

but lately, we have had the most wonderful invitations and opportunities to expand our bashful, shy branches; suddenly joan didion and howard hughes are donnie and marie!!

here are a few shots of how the delight went down….

first, if you need a solid, summer read, go, run out, purchase, borrow, kindle up, gone girl by gillian flynn. whenever i had a free moment i was hightailing it, pigtails flailing, quads burning, heart rate in the 180’s back to this from-page-one, engrossing piece of fiction. recommended to me by a friend who has great taste in books, i bolted to barnes & noble, and snatched this up within 4 hours of her text. i was not disappointed. 

check out the reviews, it’s sizzling up the must-read lists. the writing is delicious, and the plot, a murder mystery in the sultry, heat of a steamy, missouri summer, is unpredictable.

gone girl

tell me what you think. BUT not until i’m finished please.

saturday night i played dress-up in my new frock o’fancy.

i got ready early so priscilla and i could hold a proper twirl party downstairs. 

later my very hip and fashionable girlfriend complimented me on my dress, but chastised me for wearing underwear with it.


i did not know this was protocol, and after pooling some of my friends, and one golden retriever, it’s about a 50/50 split.

what are your feelings?

does one forego underwear with a long dress?

cocktails, dinner, and laughter ensued at A, old school newport beach at its finest. our dear friends brian and jen–the best in the business {read their yelp reviews}, took amazing care of us {as always}, and made us feel like the VIPs i am not. 

sunday morning i tried to get some work done.

as always, my proof-reader, spell-checker, and task-master kept me on my toes.

and my favorite part of the weekend….sunday night t.v.!!

we love our television.

after some major mourning with the game of thrones season finale, hunkiest has climbed aboard the true blood train with me.

it’s bloody mary’s, the vamps, and my hand over my eyes 40% of the time…..{i hate all the ‘real’ blood-couldn’t they just infer the biting?}

we also are digging newsroom…it took a while, but last night’s episode finally seemed like an aaron sorkin product.

so i showed you mine, now you show me yours.

how was your weekend m’loves?

  • I am on to that book now and you look gorgeous in that dress katie!

    xo mary jo

  • Just ordered the book can't wait. Adorable dress. Will need to check out that restaurant. You and your hunky hubby need to check out my neighbors restaurant in Stanton (yes Stanton) of the 22 East / Beach Blvd. Park Avenue and Il Garage. Il garage you feel like your in Italy and Park Ave is retro chic (Palm Springs like) but more steak and hearty food. You will love both. Tell David Slay the chef and owner Ann (his neighbor sent you). It doesn't disappoint. HIdden Gem in the middle of a Beach boulevard. YOu can read the yelp reviews.

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