lepore_doneI’m always amazed when i do my shopping at Mother’s Market at the copious amount of terrible plastic surgery. We’re talking dreadful. That Scandanavian “gentleman” with his eyes so tautly pulled back , he now can pass for Thai; and his hairpiece could pass for a Maltese. Oh dear lord, and this lady at the deli counter!?!?!?! We could have served an entire sample platter (veggie lasagna, tabbouleh,  AND Dolmas) on her bottom lip. Do the other stores not allow these people in the door? Is there a special discount Mother’s gives these cartoon characters? In their post-op take home packets of compresses and ice packs, are there Mother’s coupons for Ezekiel Bread and a menstrual cup? I do like the contrast, though, of these tucked, stapled, bandaged Jocelyn Wildenstein wannabe’s meandering the aisles of kombucha & gluten-free alongside the dreadlocked hippies, and the girls who don’t shave their armpits.

Love is all around……….

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