i baby butt  8-25-08.JPGI think the last time I had a facial there was still hot, steamy sex happening in the Gosselin household . Don’t get me wrong I’m a complete skin product junkie. I can spend precious (working) hours on beauty blogs, thousands of  dollars (over the years honey) on creams, serums, and potions, but when it comes to settling down, and committing to that 2 hour date with an esthetician I’m a total George Clooney. My lovely friend, Alexei, though spoiled me with a gift certificate to her facialist, and the expiration was fast approaching. I knew I’d be in great hands. Alexei is stupid pretty with skin so creamy and smooth you want to serve her in a bowl with sliced strawberries. I want to hate Alexei, but she’s so effing nice and lovable instead I’ve just made her a close friend so she can give me street cred.

Let’s just say the bitch’s secret is up!!! Can you say “dermaplane” baby?  Dermaplaning is a skin resurfacing procedure that uses a special surgical blade to scrape away the top layer of dead skin. This scouring of the skin lets the underlying layer of smooth, luminous, baby skin to surface. Dawn Haymond, at Beauty Laser & Wellness in Newport Beach, Ca, apparently is the Southern California dermaplane extraordinaire. This is Alexei’s magic wizard, and I can see in the mirror why. A one hour facial with Dawn and her “shank,” and my skin is truly transformed. Now the only question is whether to put a diaper or sunblock on my face???!

Happy Weekend! Love, Katie