once i hear this song, my christmas season officially begins.

it’s 1984, i’m 8 years old wearing my “CHOOSE LIFE”

t-shirt watching the making of Band-Aid over and over again. my dad was able to snag a bootleg copy, and i watched that fucking thing on repeat for 25 days straight. rewinding each time the bananarama girls appeared on screen. i wanted to be keren (she was the brunette.) would try to mimic her portion of “wishing you a happy christmas.” very cool, very shy, very skinny……all that i was not.

george michael would appear all feathered and hunky in his oversized, black & white geometric, unbuttoned, collared shirt (chest hair amply displayed.) i couldn’t hide my love. when watching the video with others (especially parents and adults) i’d try my damnest not to smile back at him. but he’d appear, and i’d lose my self. i’d later cry not understanding why George Michael couldn’t come into my life and make it less sad. my mom and aunts would tease me. i hated them. i hated myself more for wanting to escape with a man who talked funny, but who made my stomach swish. so what if an 8-year-old wants to marry a closeted gay man (might turn out better than some of the hetero marriages going on.)

george and i have gone our separate lifestyles ways, but it still doesn’t change the fact that he’s still part of the greatest christmas carol ever (in my opinion.)

every time i hear “Feed the World” i truly want to grab a stranger’s hand and twirl around the market square yelling Happy Christmas to All!!!!!

What songs get you in the christmas spirit?

Let’s put the song on repeat, turn it up loud, and dance together (sort of…..-you at your screen, me at my screen) around our computers!!!!!!! silly. happy.