oh if only to have the gift of craft. imagine the presents i’d bestow on those i adore. thick, chunky, chin grazing wool reminding you of my love all afternoon long. throws i would quilt in jubilation for babies birthed. not of the fleece family, but of cashmere complexion, trekked all the way from nepal; cuddlesome and toasty.

alas, i’m better with chopsticks than knitting needles, so maybe this scrumptious, striped scarf from tara matthews instead. on tippy toes i’d purchase.

homemade blankets are divine. but homemade-hermes…….to-may-toe-/to-mah-toe, both so, so right.

if only my adoration could come through in my culinary competence. i’d bake a cake so fancy and jolly, dentists would start recommending sugar for our health.

yes, the cake i bake may taste delicious, but give me red frosting and suddenly what was supposed to be a christmas berry now looks like a giant blood clot. same with yarn and stitches. during MY great depression, i took up knitting. sadly, my scarves befit more a scoliotic camel than a person; they’d unexpectedly change length/shape every so often, but then miraculously come back to 8 perfect rows. apt for desert beasts; not so becoming for a single girl wanting to be fetching and fashionable.

so this christmas i leave it up to the artisans to make your accessories, throws, and baked goods.

i’ll be in charge of making you laugh, smile and dance.

*images ffffound, usa.hermes.com