hefty deadlines stoop my shoulders waist low. indoor cycling is effortless compared to penning the ride to paper. can’t i just execute push ups for the next 10 days straight, rather than describe one, perfect, singular push-up in arial font, double spaced by monday morning?

oh and apparently jesus is celebrating yet another birthday soon. whilst i’m not much for theology, i HAVE erected a bubblegum pink tree people, and do have a weakness for all things sparkly. yet, even with said barbie dream tree, the homestead still needs a little more sprucing before i’m slurring santa baby.

maybe i need to reconsider the religion thing because ask and you shall receive. no sooner do i confess my desire for a fa-la-la-la-la-la living room  than i receive my newsletter of christmastime creativity from www.paleandinteresting.com

j’adore everything from pale & interesting. even their name….pale & interesting. in a former life i was pale & interesting; now i’m blotchy & well-worn.

here are some of their holiday looks. reminds me of the fun you can have with mercury glass. enjoy. i did.