stormy waters

January 15, 2010


i just. can’t. shake. the stormy waters in my heart. the keyboard waits…..and waits,….and waits for me to say something fetching. nothing to type. no fancy pants to fashion me gaga, girly, and giddy.

this lump here in my throat has grown roots and has ordered cable tv.

sleep deprived, i’m saying yes please to more hours of work so that i won’t be home watching. the devastation, the misery, the death. the bodies. the bulldozers. mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, babies, pets, babies.

my life embarrasses me today. a text doesn’t seem suffice. my legs, my lungs, my heart, my back….strong. i want to physically suffer so that someone else feels better. i don’t need anyone to know about it. fly me in covertly, let me help. i won’t cause a stink. i won’t tell, boast or brag. just let me fucking help.

  • artandhistory

    So genuine and well said, very moving to read because it speaks to the frustration and horror and more that so many of us feel.

  • Ah Katie….that was the way I felt when the floods happened in New Orleans. But Haiti is so much more dire. I hope you get some rest. Maybe you could find an organization to volunteer for that is collecting money or meds or supplies for Haiti…that could help your heart. xoxox, Brandi

  • Yes, I was thinking just this morning that I am a SEA OF TEARS this week…………. 🙁

  • me too.

    me too.

    with love and tears from pittsburgh,

  • Sweet Katie.
    Your beautiful words say what I can't articulate.
    love you.

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