Simple Things

January 27, 2010

christina is hosting the simple things today.

a call out to bloggers to “show what we appreciate, and what we are grateful for – no matter how big or small, these things may seem.”

if christina asked me to dig ditches with her all day long in the hot sun, i’d be the first to sign up.

in an effort to help the haiti rescue and rebuilding, she is giving one dollar to doctors without borders for every participant.

thank you christina for inspiring me daily. here is my laddleful of love to you:

katie’s simple things 1/27/2010

freshly scented, french milled soap

clean, empty notepads. ready for my days’ plans, ideas, and aspirations.

homemade morning coffee. french pressed with ground cinnamon. a mug reminding me what matters most.

waking up in the middle of the night holding hands with hh.

fresh, inexpensive, trader joe’s flowers on my desk

our sweet tree standing tall again. post storm destruction. so glad we were able to keep you in the family.

peanut m& m’s, and don’t you dare try to substitute plain!!!!!!

profanity. terrible, i know. i’m a good girl otherwise. i just like to swear.

perfume before bed, after my bath.

afternoon naps.

mornings. the promise. the second chance.

this song…….it renders me tear faced every time i hear it. but happy, oh my god, i’m so damn lucky kind of tears.

it’s hard to have animosity in your heart with this music in your soul.

i’d love to twirl on fence posts with you,  na-na-na’ing to this song.

happy wednesday. love, katie

  • Mornings. The promise. The second chance.
    Simply beautiful!

  • I am loving this list Katie. You are truly beautiful inside and out!


  • Hello, Katie. I am visiting you in the wake of Christina's love. Thank you for your list and the for the poignant images they created. My husband and I hold feet when sleeping. It is a little thing, I know, but 20 years later it still makes my heart a-flutter!

  • i know, i love to swear as well. : ) i adore your desk… and i really need to have a coffee cup like that. : )

  • Love the list lady! Your dog is sooooooo cute! I also love to curse and with all of the snow we get here in MA…I write FUCK on car windows EVERY chance I get! AND Peanut M&M's are the best…the original suck balls.
    By the way…lol about your comment on my blog…"what is this 1997?" The CD's were homemade for my car cd player. I repel technology and don't have an Ipod. I just got my first cell phone last year.
    And my dear meth faced friend…I feel your pock marked pain. Shingles…itching…scars….fuck!!!

  • Oh Katie! It is good to be here and see your list of incredible simple things! What I wouldn't do to share a cup of coffee with you and dance upon that fence to the fabulous song (or at least sit underneath that pretty tree you helped restore life to)!

  • Digging the list (and that you would dig ditches for Christina!) and the photographs. Delightful through and through (and everyone needs a good swear now and then!) 🙂

  • esme's and my new fave song. wow.

    and i so loved this list. thoughtful and perfect.


  • This is just a great list. Love your coffee cup, well everything on it, how could I chose which thing I liked best on it? Your desk looks lovely too! And of course happy smooching couples, who doesn't love that!


  • That last picture is perfect. And your house is so pretty. What a gorgeous roof line. I tell you, I'm sneaking in one night and stealing your desk. Stealing your desk and everything on it.

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