happy weekend

February 5, 2010


hh and i are in the city for a little bid’ness and family-ness.

i’m not about to let the rain and wind damper my inner tatianna sorokko. i’m embracing street glamour, even if i freeze.

these are inspiring me.

here’s to you having a glossy weekend.

images here here

  • happy weekend katie – stop by my blog this afternoon – where I will be posting about your giveaway!


  • Love the outfits…love the baggy pants….love it all. The girls at work have told me the baggy pants things are a no-no…but I think they just are ready to wear greatness.
    Happy weekend!

  • oh, i LOVE walking around a cool city in fancies. i just do.

    inspired by these pics as i sit here in snow clothes. ugh.

  • love the pics..we used the last one last week…so chic!!

  • I'm going to dream of those pink shoes all night long!

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