this is how i appear to hh after 3 mojitos.

i, on the other hand, am having a grand time with apricot ice teas. no sweetener.

it’s raining today. loud, hot, aquamarine rain.

costa rica doesn’t have a military. they have rain. rain commands presence and pomp.

it’s a rain which beckons my hands overhead, and ignites me into a prance fest. i prance round, round and round in circles; my stringy, long, black hair whipping me in the mouth and face trying to catch the wet, disco beat.

bystanders and patrons watching, mouths ajar at my audacity and ability to shimmy shoulders so saucily right and left. a writhe that can only come from japanese/irish genetics.

it’s my way of thanking the rain gods for the welcome pour.

tomorrow i plan to make good on my promise of a poolside interpretation of jennifer beals’ “what a feelin“.

anything to keep the gods happy. it’s just my way. nothing says pleasing your creator like crawling on fours in a bikini.

happy monday.