happy weekend

February 19, 2010

this weekend i need a roomy shirt. a long, loose shirt with stretched sleeves.

a shirt i can leave untucked so i don’t fret about a stomach not sucked in.

sleeves to hide freakish goosebumps. whom appear even when doppler reads 80 degrees. warm (to some).

this weekend i hope to wear a mint green scarf of low blood pressure.

i’m going for a bit of a drive. happily. a treasure chest awaits me. i will gladly stay to the right of everyone else. listening to her, breathing in……

breathing out.

favorite and i will read. feel like i’m missing pages or worse a soul. i need an emotional socket converter because i’m not feeling anything yet, and (oh my) the story is sad. i read. unmoved.

{yet, i saw a pigeon in a parking garage wednesday night, and i boo hooed for 30 minutes straight, imagining he was stuck there away from his family.}

we’re waiting for the next available bed at the local sanitarium.

my mind lately is one loud pinball machine. bang bang. bounce bounce.

i want watercolor emotions just for a month…..

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  • Katie – I'll be thinking about you. I know somewhat how your feeling. My mind bounces around from tears to smiles, to tears to deep sadness. I never know when I wake what kind of Deb it will be today. I just want to wind the clock back when my mom was still here & my mother in law was still dancing around my living room with her 'chardonnay' in hand. What fellow bloggers would often leave me with seemed to be the most meaningful to me & that was one word.
    Peace, hugs & love, deb

  • Big Hugs and Love from the other side of the pond.

  • Pretty words for a not so pretty sadness. I hope your time with Favorite is perfect.

  • You don't need the nut-house. This is all to be expected…in whatever way, shape or form it shows itself. Sending you love!!!

  • If I were in the OC this weekend I would bring you girl scout cookies (thin mints of course, only the best for us!) and champagne in a can (Sophia!!) and we would sink deep into your couch with Favorite in the middle and watch bad reality on Bravo.
    All. Weekend. Long.


  • Let me introduce you to my friend – http://www.yumsugar.com/Happy-Hour-Sofia-Blanc-de

    Whom I may or may not have snuck into the movie theater on several occassions… just sayin.

  • I am so sorry to hear about this Katie, I know how hard it is. I lost my big black furry magical guy who I'd had for 16 years not long before I lost my dad. It totally sucks. I'm sorry.

    p.s. off the topic, I'm wearing a big baggy shirt today too {Elizabeth & James} but wish it were a better color. The whole *shirt giveaway fiasco* is inspiring me to design my own perfect big shirt to add into my line…

    Hoping you enjoy your weekend and sending you a big hug!

    xo Mary Jo

  • i love these outfits.
    so comfy.
    ps: i have that book… i have heard it's sad. i will try and be brave, but i can just imagine my bottom lip quivering already.
    : )

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