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February 8, 2010

full disclosure: this is not a review.

i don’t eat bacon. anymore.

(pause for moment of silence as i commemorate days of crispy salty, sweet love. love that made all things bad and scary..disappear, for 12 seconds as i chewed and swallowed).

i’m not one of those vegetarians who doesn’t miss meat at all (take that double negative and shove it where the seitan don’t shine). i crave tofu and tempeh like i crave being hungover. so when my friend, tara simon, started selling her katie treats candied bacon, i tried my best to avoid her.

but unfortunately, my plan to evade my fellow pilates co-worker (yes, you read that correctly; she is also an amazing pilates instructor) worked out disastrously.

her new company, the sticky pig is cooking like betty crocker!!! people are losing their minds over her candied bacon confections. seriously, say those two words together “candied”/”bacon”.  they’re perfection. that’s like  “parisian”/”vacation”….”cashmere”/”bathrobe”…”folded”/’laundry”…(you get the idea). flavors come in coconut curry lime, raspberry jelly doughnut, s’mores, orange ginger, maple cinnamon, apple pecan dulce de leche, dark chocolate peppermint, the elvis, chocolate covered strawberry, and original.

these morsels sell and ship all over the country. orders range from 4 pieces to 12 month supplies.

this is a fabulous valentine’s day present….a nice break from the normal chocolate, wine and flowers. how great would these be at your next chi-chi dinner party or reception?

love it tara!

  • Oh my god….this could get me to eat bacon again. Insane. Yum.

  • I just had a bacon orgasm. I LOVE bacon…can't get enough…and then you put candy on top???? Holy shit….I'm sold!

  • I gave up eating bacon years ago although I remember once loving it so much that it was practically the only meat I would eat…um, I think I may have to try this stuff. p.s. On a completely different tangent: is there good tempeh down here in the OC? I have yet to find it.

    And thank you! thank you! You have no idea how much I need my hair done! Can't wait.

    p.s. I didn't realize you taught pilates/yoga and saw on your other blog last week that you have some classes I could possibly make! I've been so bad about going since I moved down here, so it's on my to do list!

    xo Mary Jo

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