good golly how i love spring. can she get here soon enough?

this year i won’t even be cross as she takes an hour away from my sunday morning slumber. so long as she brings the juicy, fragrant sweet of my jasmine plants swirling throughout the house, high and low, the birdsong of newborn chicks chirping sweetly in the wee hours of the day, and that micro bump in temperature; although not a giant leap in change, but just a smidge enough to the right can equal nirvana to the perpetually cold-goosebumps be gone; you give me this ms. spring? and i’ll be a girl happy through the month of june.

spring also brings out the bodies. people are finally getting ’round to those holiday resolutions {yes, those nasty intentions take time to get to—i STILL haven’t made my way to learning mandarin chinese or mastering the 7-layer coconut cream cake-baking it THAT is, i’ve mowed my way down through several tastings}. i love seeing the upswing in the group exercise class participation. this time of year provides a excuse to birth something new physically or maybe re-ignite an exercise regime.

it’s warmer, therefore it’s a great time to get outside and move {wearing sunscreen of course}.

if you’re in the area, come play with me. i have two, new wonderful studios which don’t require memberships to come take class.

at villa pilates and yoga, i teach a wednesday 8am class which is a hybrid of my coreplay® and reformer class. next week i’m subbing the monday night group reformer class 5pm & 6pm class; you can sign up online if you want to come in…..

another new class i’m happy to be teaching is jabu-fusion fit at jabulani yoga. jabulani means “creating happiness together” in zulu. happiness indeed is what we create at jabulani. jabu-fusion fit is a class which blends elements of pilates, yoga, lotte berk and barre. i developed this class and i change it daily {you never get the same class twice} so that the muscles are constantly challenged, stretched and conditioned safely, intelligently and organically so that it feels good and is fun. results are achieved fo’sure!

here is my updated spring schedule. i would LOVE to see you in either spin or one of my pilates/yoga classes. hit me up for a guest pass, and i can see what magic i can work to get you in.

what are your favorite ways to bounce into spring?

let’s leap into spring more healthfully.

weekend happy to you m’loves. see you on the other side of sunday.