Side Hair!!!

I have more side hair!!

I refuse to call it cutting bangs.I prefer side hair. It’s just a smidge of hair, sometimes across my forehead, a little on the side of cheek, only to (hopefully) make things more delectable and girly. kind of like a little bit of rainbow sprinkles on a sundae. and definitely don’t call it fringe. it’s not rickrack or peripheral fracas. just a bit of ruffle for my face.

me knowst what thou thinks. but they’re not bangs!! bangs are a commitment. “bangs” connote an earlier alarm clock…..product….styling expertise (i can barely use chopsticks). please? this head is lucky if it gets conditioner. if ever i’m in the shower and need a chuckle, i’ll read shampoo’s suggestion that i repeat said process. i, then, howl rebelliously.

if, by chance you live in or will be in the southern california area come on over. my side hair specialist is giving away a free hair-cut!

illustration by Ingela och Vi on