one of the many disappointing aspects of this pregnancy has been the elusive “glow” so promised to me by fellow mommies.

i have the opposite of a glow; it’s more like a dull, pea-soup green hue, chaperoned with puffy, capillary-popped bags beneath my eyes.

i’m the walking, talking, barfing star of an after-school bulimia special—although who am i 38 years old t’would be “night school” in my case.

i’ve ransacked my local sephora in search for any sort of fix, salvation or amnesty for my case of the uglies; to no avail.

but in my most recent birchbox delivery, god aka the u.p.s. man, blessed me with a gamechanging product:

jar (1 of 1)

the turmeric antioxidant radiance mask by juara.

this is not the first time singing in the choir of the all-holy turmeric; i’ve praised turmeric’s holy + mighty anti-inflammatory properties before; unfortunately i can’t keep my turmeric juice down these days and miss the dynamic boost it gave my system.

the juara mask makes a fine, game-changing stand-in. within the first use i immediately saw and felt a difference in my skin’s texture and clarity.

mask (1 of 1)

my muddled and bloated face transformed into a tighter, smoother {like “hey honey feel my face!!-smoothe,”} and sparklier complexion.

i’ve been now leaving the mask on at night {not in the directions, mind you} and loving the morning results.

this time-o-life has made me even more ridiculous/obnoxious about the products and chemicals i expose myself to, but i am rest assured that everything in the juara line is safe.

disappointed with the current skincare offerings, juara skincare was created by four westerners with asian ancestry who realized that there is never a one-stop solution when it comes to concern for the skin.

using an east-meets-west and traditional blended with modern philosophy, juara skincare prides itself in delivering high quality results from time-tested ingredients and state-of-the-art technology.

certified cruelty-free, juara products are 100% vegetarian, paraben-free, sulfate-free, phthalate-free, gluten-free, free of harsh chemicals and artificial colorant free; i feel safe and ethical using juara.

hope you’re wednesday is game-changing too m’loves.