i’m all out.

sapped dry.


no rococo ruffles or fancy feathers to whet my whistle today.

it’s been a putty colored, purgatory morning.

are you in or are you out winter?

goosebumps still accessorize my outfits. still can’t quite find the comfortable.

although, warm, eager, lilac colored toes demand flip flops.

i feel you winter. indecision is my new soundtrack.

i want to be out sharing smiles that start in our stomachs, finish in the corners of our eyes.

but how nice to return to the sack and get back those 3 hours.

wasted worrying. ridiculous ruminating.

screwy stuff like smile lines.

i’m going to sit. for a bit. in this lull.

tis not a bad or scary place. just beige.

i can smile knowing i’ll be twirling in tulle by the week’s end.

lest i drag my dears down in with me,

thought you might fancy these cool paintings.