no post on tuesday. i had a whirlwind trip to arizona to support hunkiest as he made his television début answering questions about the recent arizona fires. his company helps re-seed the land devastated by these natural and sometimes, manmade disasters. all in an effort to bring the beautiful country and wildlife back to what is was.

i have been to scottsdale many times, but i never get used to how stupid pretty it is…even through a car window.

although it’s never a style i’d choose for my house {i accent color my all-white house with various shades of 0ff-white}, the hotel did have a cool, southwest aesthetic. these chairs were digging me.

to ease pre-camera jitters, we had drinks and two rounds of flirting at the onyx bar.

coaster riddles: hunky picked food, i picked rest. he won, we followed with dinner at talavera, and called it an early night.

 h.d. tv isn’t kind to sleep-deprived, puffy eyes.

we were up before the roosters rattlesnakes, to get to the studio before 6am.

i was supposed to be checking on the microphone placement. i was….sort of.

my man in action: he was superman handsome and batman cool.

i couldn’t stop taking pictures. i was like a mom at a swim meet.

a romantic goodbye in terminal 3, and i am now back in southern california.

wednesday happy to you m’loves.