good morning sunshine.

my lips still yearn for creamy, coconut, costa rican cocktails, but my california palms sweetened out their span extra wide today.

welcome home!

work recommences. alarms are reset. vitamins are taken (again).

i didn’t bring home a tan (spf 800). or souvenirs (the beasts don’t need any more shot glasses).

i did bring home a hunky hubby whose a little less eyebrow furrowed and a little more sillier in spirits.

for me i haven’t figured it out yet. i’m rested, yes.

but i feel like i forgot to bottle up the peace piece of mind i had found underwater last week.

i get caughtupinthemomentandiforgettosaveitforlater.

i’m going to find sometime today to go back out with the palm trees. they seem to have the right attitude:

wiggle waggle in the sunshine, open up your arms to all!

happy monday.