tuesdays are for…

May 25, 2010

tuesdays are for…..

tip toes.


tissue paper skirts.

jasmine tea in porcelain fancy cups.

taking a cat nap with a puppy.

two-stepping in gingham.

tunes by josh.

turning the tide.

tears of gratitude.

tuesdays are for soul dilation.


  • My computer's been on the fritz…how was your vacation? It looks like you had fun but are glad to be home!

  • sweetnothings04

    I love tuesday bc when its done, ill only have 1.5 more days of work this week until I frolic to nyc!!

  • You are too silly…your knees do not look like that! I just saw them below. I totally understand some looks are just for magazines because alot of the looks dont look good on normal body types like me!! Hate that! I love this photo and would like this skirt!

    blog.twilasvintageclothing.com http://www.twilasvintageclothing.com

  • i love your tuesday list, and this photo… and you! love love!

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