yesterday morning, while turning the pages of my sunday times,

yes, i still read my paper in paper form: black inked finger tips, loud rustling pages flapping in the porch wind,

occasionally catching fire from my fresh cut grass scented table-top candle, causing mass hysteria among the beasts and

just making me look plain silly as i hop up and down in my 1994 grey (once green) bathrobe in front of the passing

neighbors attempting to snuff out flying, fiery news embers.

but back to my reading. as i followed the front page story of japan’s anguish onto pages 7 and 8

my attention kept diverting to the giant ads sandwiching the heartache.

i tried to read about chiyako ito’s tearjerking story of her barn collapsing, flattening all her tractors and

cars, blocking any way to get food, water or any other aid.

yet, through those tears, bloomingdales kept dazzling me to the right and left with the of power of spring colorblocking.

apparently, an absolute must!!!

so there it is. bloomingdales solves the dilemma.

just what ms. ito needs. get her a nice little jil sander get up, and she’s good to go.

food and water be damned.

albeit ridiculous, this dichotomy was exactly the laugh i’d been waiting for.

it lifted me up, a bit, from the heaviness i’d been feeling all weekend.

later on i was watching the documentary joan rivers: a piece of work,

{a great movie if you’re on the fence about becoming an actor…..YOU WON’T after watching}

whether you find her funny or not she makes a good point: we need to find the humor.

she says when terrible, horrific things happen like 9/11, humor helps us get through the sadness.

it’s true, when i think back to some of my bluest moments i can also remember some sick fits of laughter.

so i’m not only sending japan condolences and thoughts of love & support,

i’m also hoping they’re able to find their smiles and good humor…maybe not today or tomorrow, but soon.

monday happy to you m’loves.